Restaurant ordered to repay workers millions after seizing tips Print
Sunday, 30 August 2015 14:42

A federal judge is ordering the Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet in Jonesboro to give its employees $2 million in unpaid wages. Jonesboro is just south of Atlanta. 

It's a lawsuit resolution alleging unfair working conditions and management stealing money from employees. But most of the people presently working there didn't know about the Department of Labor investigation.

When CBS46 tried to speak with employees, one after another appeared to be completely in the dark about the huge amount of cash coming to servers and kitchen workers. We even found a waitress who was going to bat for the restaurant, demanding that we leave.

But when we finally found the manager, she explained why no one knew about this lawsuit. Very few, or possibly none of the 84 employees who will split the money are still working there.

Owners are accused of never giving overtime, forcing employees to work for tips only and then taking some of those tips too. Continue!


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