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Friday, 31 July 2015 12:14

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Neighbors who live behind Terry Black’s Barbecue on Barton Springs Road have filed a lawsuit against the restaurant claiming the smoke coming from the restaurant is a nuisance.

The lawsuit claims the barbeque joint’s five smokestacks burn wood 15 hours a day which is causing damage to their property as well as mental anguish and physical impairment. Terry Black’s has been in their current location for the past year. “The smoke, both the particles and the odors permeate into homes,” said Guy Watts, the attorney who is representing 15 neighbors on Daniel Dr. who are bothered by the smoke.

Watts said for the past year they’ve tried to work out a solution with the restaurant, but nothing worked, which is while they filed the lawsuit. “Sometimes it doesn’t matter if your windows and doors are closed, you can still smell the smoke inside your house,” said Watts, who also lives on Daniel Dr. “We have a neighbor, 6 months ago never really had a respiratory problem, but he does now, my son has greater respiratory problems now than he did 18 months ago.” Read More!


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