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Wednesday, 02 September 2015 12:10
Eatsa's first location is in San Francisco's financial district. Its quinoa-based dishes sell for about $7 a bowl.

Sometimes fast food just isn't fast enough. A new highly automated restaurant that opened in San Francisco on Monday looks to speed service through efficiency you won't see any people taking your order or serving you at the Eatsa quinoa eatery.

It could be the latest sign that the industry is heading toward a more robotic future, a move some analysts say will be accelerated by the push to boost the minimum wage that so many fast-food workers rely on.

"With a virtual cashier and no wait staff, eatsa is a seamless, personalized experience utilizing kiosk stations and a cubby pick-up concept which provides food when customers want it," the company says in a press invite.

  1. San Francisco Chronicle got a preview of the restaurant and described the setup this way

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