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Casual Dining can be Fixed! Print
Wednesday, 12 July 2017 16:57

           Okay “spoiler alert” we’ll be discussing the casual dining segment this month but we won’t be “beating up” on them as some industry observers have over the past year.  What we will do is review how the segment came to be and what has changed historically from that point to the present.  Along with way we hope to offer some observations of our own and suggestions on opportunities to move forward for the segment.

            Rewind to the late ‘60’s and early ‘70’s when we saw the dawn of the casual dining segment that answered the demand of consumers in family units with the emergence of two working parents who were time-pressed and had the disposable income to venture out to a new breed of restaurant that took a page from McDonald’s in presenting a clean, family-friendly operation with a variety of reasonably-priced menu options.  Please note that those “working parents” were baby-boomers with both Gen-X and Millennial offspring.

            Those aforementioned menus were also designed to appeal to the widest swath of the consuming public possible OR to avoid the veto vote of a family member if the operator didn’t menu “something for everyone!”  Let’s review wisdom from the age of Abe Lincoln, “You can please some of the people all of the time OR you can please all of the people some of the time; however, you CAN’T please all the people all of the time.”  In their effort to please everyone the casual dining menus grew to unsustainable lengths and associated costs rose as well.

            Now back to those “Millennial” kids who were dragged to restaurants by their parents, this group now out-numbers the boomers (Millennials Surpass Boomers; Washington Post, 4/26/16) and they’re seeking something different from their restaurant menu choices.  This cohort is willing to experiment with their food choices, seek new food and beverage experiences and prefer both be sustainable and freshly prepared.  By definition “frozen” is for the ice in their hand-crafted cocktail and not where their steak began its’ journey to their plate.

            This is not the first time I’ve mentioned “demographic shift” when speaking about the changes that are driving consumers choices within the restaurant business.  As changes in the consumer base will continue to happen operators need to be aware of how those changes will manifest in dining decisions.  Equally important is the change in attitude regarding what is offered on their menu’s; does it capture the diners’ interest, is it healthy, prepared in-house from scratch and are the procurement and preparation methods sustainable?  An extensive menu just isn’t in the cards anymore with most listing fewer than sixty (60) items on average.

            As a suggestion for “the fix” mentioned earlier we offer for review the recent article on Brazilian Steakhouse Fogo de Chão (NRN, 3/14/17).  No overburdened menu or staff and all menu items are easily executable.  I’m guilty myself of “over thinking” an issue or challenge sometimes; however, the easy and simple approach (think KISS) is sometimes the best.  The restaurant business isn’t that difficult, prepare the food to the best of your ability, provide prompt and courteous service and maintain a clean and inviting atmosphere.  It doesn’t hurt to keep your eye on societal changes to stay ahead of the curve but the “restaurant basics” will always apply. 

For more information click here

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Using "Wine Culture" to drive Margin Gain Print
Friday, 23 June 2017 18:19

            As the title might suggest we’ll be speaking to the wine portion of our audience today.  Wine holds a special place in the fabric of our lives, we often drink some form of it in a toast for weddings, anniversaries, job promotions and retirement events. Wine is also used for sacramental purposes such as wedding ceremonies (not just the reception), baptisms and of course communions.

            Guests may not think about wine beyond having a glass with an entrée and usually not too far past red, white or sparkling especially if the wine is taken with food as with the majority of global wine-drinkers.  Americans are continually finding ways to make something “their own” and wine is no different.  In the past wine with dinner was often accompanied by the “wine ritual” such as the wine list presentation, choosing the wine, examining the label upon presentation, opening the bottle tableside, presenting the cork and then the four “S’s” (sight, swirl, sniff and sip) by the host then onto the pour.

            Fast forward to present day and we still observe the “wine ritual” usually in fine dining or “wine centric” restaurants.  As for “making it our own” guests are treating wine as more of a “cocktail” to be enjoyed with friends during happy hour or after the work day.  This behavior has led to the proliferation of “wine-by-the-glass” offerings and the challenge of finding a wine that is so balanced as to allow the drinker to enjoy multiple glasses.

            No mystery for those “forward looking” guests and operators is the emergence of the “wine-by-tap” service platform.  While solving the issue of a collection of open bottles it doesn’t address the problem of oxidation and eventual flatness of the wines’ flavor after opening and sitting for an extended time.  Industry statistics show that 80% of wine consumed in on premise operations is wine-by-the-glass and 60% of those pours are house wines (Shanken Media Research) suggesting the house pour as the logical choice to offer for wine-by-the-glass.

            Wine-by-tap has been offered by filling steel 1/6th. Beer barrels and using a mixture gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide to push the wine out of the keg and into the guests’ wine glass. Beer barrels are the best thing to happen to beer since the introduction of barley, hops, water and yeast, but due to its’ fragile nature, not the best for wines.

This solution might appear simple enough except for one thing, the exposure of the wine to propellant gases.  Over time constant contact of the wine and gases will create a chemical reaction allowing the gases to dissolve into the wine which can result in off-flavors, aromas and a light fizz to still wines.  Wine shouldn’t come in contact with oxygen or ANY propellant gas as either oxidation or a chemical reaction will happen every time.

The challenge for the operator is how to offer wine-by-the-glass using a tap system which is more efficient and margin-friendly than opening a multitude of bottles and without exposing the wine to gases that could rob the wine of its’ flavor characteristics.  The solution would appear to remove the items at issue, the steel keg and the gases to drive the wine.  We would suggest operators seek other wine-by-tap service platforms that are both ecologically and profit-friendly.  To learn more about new wine-by-tap technologies contact us to begin a new conversation on how wine-by-the-glass moves forward. 

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New Restaurant Opening soon leads added to Flhip Database! Print
Wednesday, 14 June 2017 11:12

Restaurant Vendors Find New Leads for Restaurants Opening Soon

RestaurantNews.com)  Flhip.com has released its latest restaurant openings report, providing restaurant vendors with a sampling of fresh sales and marketing leads that can be found on their website.

Flhip provides regularly updated lead lists, allowing vendors to check for updates at any time.  To see leads in your sales area click here.


Restaurant Vendors Find New Leads for Restaurants Opening Soon

Click on the map above to see how Flhip can get you in the door first of new restaurants!


Washington, DC – Jinya Ramen Bar
Ramen fans in the “district” will have another place to call home when this Japanese cuisine eatery opens sometime this summer at 1336 14th. Street NW.  Besides the popular noodle bowls guest will find two bars serving Japanese adult beverages and poke to be served either taco style or California style bowls.


Van Buren, AR – D&R Trolley Stop
New owners Debbie Edwards and Rick Bond see a location on a trolley line as an advantage and plan a late June opening at 703 Main Street.  The menu features comfort foods such as pulled pork, smoked ribs and brisket barbecue along with hot dogs, milk and malt shakes.  Some items will have a “Cajun” flair.


Seattle, WA – Duke’s Chowder House
In a “build it and they will come” approach this mainstay will open their seventh location at 7001 Seaview Avenue NW; however guests will have to wait until 2019 for the opening.  The latest unit will continue their legacy of fresh seafood offerings along with their award-winning burgers and local craft beers.


Madison, WI – MintMark
Chef Sean Pharr and three partners will open this casual eatery by August at 1929 Winnebago Street.  The menu will be Chef-driven with a focus on locally sourced produce especially since it will be produce “forward” with only a couple of protein-based items.  An open kitchen allows guests of “food with a view.”


Charlotte, NC – Graham Street Pub & Patio
Although it’s not slated to be a sports bar, sports fans will have a walking distance, casual eatery for before and after baseball and football games once opened at 400 S. Graham Street this summer.  The menu will offer food-truck inspired cuisine such as chicken sliders, banh mi sliders and skewered chicken.


Ft. Worth, TX – B&B Butcher’s and Restaurant
Benjamin Berg continues rolling out new locations of his popular steakhouse concept with the newest to be located at “The Shops at Clearfork” for a September opening.  The menu will reflect what made the first location famous such as USDA Prime, house dry-aged, 80 oz. Porterhouse Steak for two.

For more information or to view the leads in your area, please visit www.flhip.com.


Ken Roberts
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The most useless thing in the world! Print
Tuesday, 06 June 2017 22:23

The most useless thing in the world!

            An attorney friend of mine once shared with me a general attitude they believe the public holds toward their profession and summed it up as, “An attorney is the most useless thing in the world, until you need one!” I was a younger then and at the time I had never heard the remark but with time have come to understand its’ general acceptance among the public.  So why discuss the benefits of legal counsel in a hospitality forum, the point to make here is about seeking professional advice and experience.

            We make the claim that if a client can conceptualize a food service idea on something as simple as a cocktail napkin we can take it from there to a brick and mortar reality.  That is the value of seeking the right type of “counsel” from an educated and experienced hospitality consultant.  We too could be the most useless beings on the planet; however, too often we are approached by operators who discover they have issues with their restaurant too late to make effective change as they may be out of time or money, both precious to small business owners.

            While the inception of a new hospitality or restaurant business is often the result of a belief that the new entrepreneur can “build a better mousetrap”, good intentions and poor execution mix about as well as oil and water.  While creating a food service business may be an extension of an owners’ ego, in order to survive, it must be able to drop revenues to the bottom line.  Creating a profitable concept is just as important as bringing a new cuisine or service format to the consuming public.

            We believe using “real world” examples are a good communication tool especially when it could speak to a challenge new or existing operators experience with their opening or financial success moving forward.  I recently had a meeting with a new client, two young men one from Eastern Europe and the other from Mexico, on the topic of creating standardized recipes for each of their menu items.  Great Start, I thought, they both understand the importance of cost controls and consistency which the lack of both could bring a quick end to any well-intentioned restaurant.  As it turns out they brought a recipe for an ingredient preparation, not a menu item, so we spent that valuable time discussing the difference between the two types of recipes. 

            Another issue was their understanding (or lack) of A.P., as purchased and E.P., edible portion and how the issue of “yield” will also affect their food cost and eventually their bottom line.  As a number of different meat proteins will be featured on the menu they hadn’t considered performing a “butchers test” to determine those yields either.  The partners did understand they could make a profit in the restaurant industry, they were just missing some of the basic tools available to make it happen.

            So what’s the point you may ask and that’s a fair question.  The partners didn’t know they had to account for cooking loss in their food preparation because no one “knows” what they don’t know.  This doesn’t make them ignorant, just not fully exposed to the basic foundations of financial success in the restaurant industry.  Heck, I’ve been in the business since age 11 as a bell hop and I still don’t know everything about the industry, who could?  The critical learning point is the partners understood they needed counsel (or a consultant) and they sought one out.  Perhaps if more operators would allow someone from the outside to take a look behind the curtain of their business we would have an overall stronger industry, it’s food for thought.


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New restaurant opening soon leads just added to Flhip.com Print
Monday, 03 October 2016 16:37

Restaurant Vendors Find New Leads for Restaurants Opening Soon

Restaurant Vendors Find New Leads for Restaurants Opening Soon(RestaurantNews.com)  Flhip.com has released its latest restaurant openings report, providing restaurant vendors with a sampling of fresh sales and marketing leads that can be found on their website.

Flhip provides regularly updated lead lists, allowing vendors to check for updates at any time.  To see leads in your sales area click here.

Restaurant Vendors Find New Leads for Restaurants Opening Soon

Click on the map above to see how Flhip can get you in the door first of new restaurants!

Portland, OR – Pok Pok Wing
Local food TV Celebrity Andy Ricker will open a brick and mortar version of his famous Asian wing concept later this fall at 3120 S.E. Milwaukie Avenue.  Open for both lunch and dinner the menu will offer their iconic fish sauce wings along with beer, wine and some side dishes with seating for up to 45 guests.

Buffalo, NY – The Burning Buffalo Bar & Grill
Restaurant industry veterans and partners Nick and George Kotsis and Seth Stromberg will open their casual, American eatery at 1504 Hertel Avenue sometime this fall.  The menu is still being tweaked but look for chicken, steak, gourmet hamburgers and daily specials with an active bar in cool, hip setting.

Minneapolis, MN – Tullibee
Chef Grae Nonas will helm the kitchen at this upscale concept to occupy the first floor of the Hewing Hotel at 601 1st. Avenue North to open this fall.  Menu offerings will feature locally sourced fish and game with a nod to his Nordic heritage.  An open hearth and wood-burning oven will be features of his cuisine.

Denver, CO – Bremen’s Wine & Tap
It’s a challenge following an eatery with three decades of history but that’s what the owners of this new casual operation will do at 2005 W. 33rd. Avenue in early 2017 where Rosa Linda’s was formerly housed.  Beer, wine and cocktails will be “on tap” and the menu will offer craft sandwiches and rotisserie meats.

Atlanta, GA – District 3
The team that popularized their style of sushi at MF Bar will open their next casual concept sometime in spring of 2017 to be located at 2200 Avalon Blvd.  Entrepreneur Alex Kinjo and partners will offer foods from his parents native home of Vung Tau, Vietnam for both lunch and dinner in a “hip” urban setting.

Boise, ID – Eureka!
Gourmet hamburgers will soon be featured at 800 W. Idaho Street in late October when this casual concept with upscale food opens.  Known for menu items such as the “bone marrow burger”, their Fresno fig burger and lollipop corn dogs guests can wash it all down with one of 40 different craft beers.

For more information or to view the leads in your area, please visit www.flhip.com.

Ken Roberts
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173 New restaurant opening leads just added to Flhip.com! Print
Tuesday, 06 September 2016 19:25

Restaurant Vendors Find New Leads for Restaurants Opening Soon

FLhip.com has released its latest restaurant openings report, providing restaurant vendors with a sampling of fresh sales and marketing leads that can be found on their website.

Flhip provides regularly updated lead lists, allowing vendors to check for updates at any time.  To see leads in your sales area click here.

Restaurant Vendors Find New Leads for Restaurants Opening Soon

Click on the map above to see how Flhip can get you in the door first of new restaurants!

Seattle, WA – Southpaw
Next up for James Beard Award-Winning Chef John Sundstrom is a fast-casual pizza concept to open this fall on 12th. Avenue at the site of his original fine dining “Lark”. Then menu will offer wood-fired oven pizzas with vegetable toppings from the restaurant’s rooftop garden. All beverages offered are on tap.

Richmond, VT – One Radish Eatery
Husband and wife owners of Barrio Bakery will open their new casual concept later this fall at 1840 W. Main Street. The menu will feature a daily plated brunch, lunch and limited bakery goods as plans call for a restaurant, not bakery.  Dinner begins spring of 2017 featuring brick-oven pizza with local ingredients.

Charlotte, NC – Via Roma
This family-friendly casual eatery plans to open spring 2017 at Providence Road and I-485.  For owner Augusto Conte this is his third one-off concept and he was lured to the location due to the mix of business and residential traffic.  Traditional menu items include Osso Buco, Risotto, Veal Chops and fresh pasta.

Allentown, PA – Yocco’s Eatery
This casual dining icon of the Lehigh Valley will open their sixth location this fall at 3300 Lehigh Street.  Known for their “secret” chili recipe diners have kept this crowd pleaser going for over 100 years.  In addition to hot dogs the menu will offer cheesesteaks, fish sandwiches, French fries and onion rings.

St. Louis, MO – ANEW Rooftop and Test Kitchen
Entrepreneur Corey Smale will open a multiple purpose concept located at 501 N. Grand Blvd. in early October.  The rooftop will be an event space from black-tie receptions to beer garden parties.  The Test Kitchen will offer breakfast and lunch with a new Chef introducing a new concept every four months.

Dallas, TX – PakPao
Celebrity Chef Jet Tila will open his newest operation early September at 3310 Dallas Parkway and will feature menu offerings of Thai street-food favorites.  Menu items include short rib with massaman curry, Pad Thai, Thai chicken salad and a unique “beef jerky flight” paired with three local craft beers.

Restaurant Owners place multiple requests for quotes for needed services and products with just 1 click.

Now you have the ability to allow Flhip to search their vendors across the country to find exactly the right products and services you need. Simply go to the “Request a Quote” page and select the items you are looking for and Flhip will go into action to fill your needs with just ONE CLICK. This is a FREE Service to all restaurants.

To start getting the needed quotes CLICK HERE!

Ken Roberts
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Fast Track to Restaurant Products and Services with FLHIP’s NEW Match and Patch Print
Tuesday, 06 September 2016 19:21

Fast Track to Restaurant Products and Services with FLHIP's NEW Match and Patch

Our unique FREE quoting service for Restaurant Professionals.

Fast Track to Restaurant Products and Services with FLHIP's NEW Match and Patch(RestaurantNews.com)  Don’t call around when you can call on us to make your job a whole lot easier.

Flhip.com has been connecting buyers and sellers in the restaurant industry for the past 6 years.

Now thanks to our new MATCH and PATCH program, we can help you find the perfect MATCH for your particular needs and PATCH you in to the right vendor.

From bringing diners in to getting the trash out, or anything in between, we can save you time and frustration. With just a click of the mouse, Match and Patch allows you to select from a variety of services and/or products for immediate or future use.

All you have to do is visit our website and place a request for as many items as you need on one form. We will take it from there and get the quotes flowing. Click HERE to get the quotes you need!

Restaurant Vendors! Do you want to be a referral agent to our restaurant. Drop us a note and we will be happy to fill you in.www.flhip.com

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2016 Florida Restaurant show... FREE Registration from FLHIP.com! Print
Wednesday, 03 August 2016 12:14





Attend the show for FREE courtesy of Flhip.com.


 CLICK HERE for your Free admission!



Over 8,000 restaurant and foodservice industry professionals will gather at the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show being held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando September 27 – 29, 2016. During this three-day event, attendees will find new ideas, new products, and new solutions. The trade show and conference, produced by Urban Expositions and sponsored by the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association will offer educational programs, special events, new food products, and equipment and services from 400+ leading industry suppliers.

“We know a restaurant cannot survive on food alone which is why we have created an education program to provide practical and relevant information as well as feature areas on the show floor to find fresh and new ideas,” said Ron Mathews, Vice President, Restaurant and Foodservice Events Portfolio.  “We are thrilled to be offering several new and exciting special features as well as returning crowd favorites and welcome all Florida restaurant and foodservice professionals to make plans to join us.”

Returning events include the Ferdinand Metz Foodservice Forum, the Food Trends Experience, the prestigious ACF Culinary Competitions, the Beer, Wine & Spirits Pavilion, The Japan Pavilion, Key Buyer Alliance, Education Station, and the Foodservice Council for Women event.  Other exciting special events and networking opportunities being offered during the three-day event, include:  

FRLA Events include the FRLA/NRA Bob Leonard Golf Classic, Fall Board Meeting, and Installation Gala and After Party, being held on Tuesday, September 27 at the Hyatt Regency Orlando. During the celebration, FRLA will install the Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee and present the FRLA's Hall of Fame winners, and the prestigious Hotelier, Restaurateur and Supplier of the Year. The reception begins at 6:00pm, followed by the dinner and awards at 7:00pm and an After Party Celebration. To purchase tickets, click here.

Independent Operators Workshop is a half-day workshop on Tuesday, September 27 focusing on growth opportunities and best practices featuring speakers Kathleen Wood and Jim Knight followed by an Independent Operators Party at Lafayette’s.  This event is co-organized by the FRLA and is sponsored by Zenith, Heartland, Sysco and UnitedHealthcare, and is open at no charge to all independent operators.

The Torch Award will bepresented to Melissa Kelly for her outstanding achievements and contributions to the restaurant and foodservice community. Kelly’s restaurant, Primo, introduced many diners across the East Coast to the idea of farm-to-table, with up to 80% of ingredients coming from the restaurant’s own four-acre farm. When Melissa opened the satellite Primo location in Orlando she brought the farm-to-table concept to the Florida market. She will join Ferdinand Metz, Certified Master Chef, for a one-on-one discussion on the Culinary Demonstration Theater stage, on Tuesday, September 27 at 1:00pm

Sabor Latino Pavilion will focuson Hispanic and Latin American products for the restaurant, foodservice and retail markets -- specifically new and traditional, authentic ingredients, flavors, products, prepared foods and private label.

Rapid Fire Competition - Three chefs will take the stage to battle for the title Rapid Fire Challenge: Appetizer Edition Champion. The chefs will demonstrate their dish and provide samples for the judges and the audience. Each dish will feature a local ingredient – cheese, bread, protein, sauce. Attendees are invited to help the judges choose the winner on Wednesday, September 28at 2:00pm.

The all-new APPstore (for Appetizers of course) has been created to meet the needs of operators and foodservice professionals.  This new area will provide inspiration, ingredients and finished products to provide new tastes and flavor combinations for the hottest appetizers and small plates that will set the tone for visitor experiences. 

Beacon Award Presentation – In honor of the 5th anniversary of the Foodservice Council for Women, Kathleen Wood and Ferdinand Metz will present the Beacon Award to Edna Morris, Managing Director at Axum and Industry Expert for Axum’s Limited Service Restaurant investments (LSR). Ms. Morris brings over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry, and served as President of several restaurant companies including Red Lobster and Blue Coral.

The 2016 Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show willbe held at The Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL from Tuesday, September 27 through Thursday, September 29 with the show floor opening at 11 am each day.  The Show is sponsored by the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association (www.frla.org). For more information on exhibiting or attending, visit the official Show website at www.flrestaurantandlodgingshow.comThe tradeshow and conference is managed and produced by Urban Expositions (www.urban-expo.com), a division of Clarion Events (www.clarionevents.com).

New restaurant Opening soon leads just listed on Flhip. Print
Tuesday, 12 July 2016 11:59

Restaurant Vendors Find New Leads for Restaurants Opening Soon

(RestaurantNews.com)  Flhip.com has released its latest restaurant openings report, providing restaurant vendors with a sampling of fresh sales and marketing leads that can be found on their website.

Flhip provides regularly updated lead lists, allowing vendors to check for updates at any time. 

To see how Flhip leads work check out our Video HERE!

Restaurant Vendors Find New Leads for Restaurants Opening Soon

San Francisco, CA – Jane
Fans of this coffee spot with in-house bakery will have one more option of where to dine when they open their third location at 2101 Lombard Street in mid-September.  Renovations are underway and with a larger footprint much of their production will happen here for their famous pastries and fresh baked goods.

Orlando, FL – Chroma Modern Bar + Kitchen
Pegged as a “vibrant bar and lounge” with a visible kitchen this new concept will open in September at 6967 Lake Nona Blvd.  Guests will have their options from a full service bar featuring local craft beer, specialty cocktails and wine on tap.  Dinner will be served nightly with lunch available Monday – Friday.

Amarillo, TX – Jabeen Indian Kitchen
South Asian cuisine will be available to local diners in November when this popular eatery opens in new digs at 906 S. Jackson Street.  Chef Jagufta Jabeen, famous for their buttery chicken curry, will offer pre-ordering for guest to eliminate the wait times for service. They plan to cater for parties of fifteen or more.

Boston, MA – Mother Juice
Who doesn’t love their Mother and now devotees of this original food truck will have a brick and mortar location to frequent without all the travel when they open late July at 291 Newbury Street.  Featured on the menu will favorites such as Kombucha tea on tap, smoothies and chia seed pudding.

Minneapolis, MN – Bad Waitress
You would think it a good idea to avoid a concept with such a name; however, success has its rewards as this local “sustainability-focused” operation will open their second unit sometime in November at 700 Central Avenue NE. This coffee shop / diner is known for their local products many of which are organic.

Harrisburg, PA – Roots
Owners of the nearby Peachtree Restaurant & Lounge will open a “sister” location late summer at 251 N. Progress Avenue.  The menu will feature foods with a Mediterranean flavor with as many products locally sourced as possible.  Look for rotisserie chicken, flatbreads, fresh seafood and 15 craft beers on tap.

Below is a sample of this week’s leads. To see real-time leads in your area drop us a note,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Restaurant Vendors Find New Leads for Restaurants Opening Soon

For more information or to view the leads in your area, please visit www.flhip.com.

Ken Roberts
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New Video tour shows restaurant vendors how to get into restaurants before they open! Print
Friday, 01 July 2016 18:59

Flhip logo enview

A new video has just been prepared for Vendors to the Restaurant Industry. The video shows the process of acquiring information on new restaurants that will be opening in the future. Once a restaurant makes the initial purchase for their new opening they are usually set with that purchase for a long time. So getting into the door of these new restaurants is much more productive in the sales cycle.

The short demo video takes you from log-in , selecting, viewing and downloading the new restaurants to start the sales cycle. Flhip manages 56 zones through out the US so there are literally leads for everyone. If your business would like to get into new restaurants before they make their purchasing decisions perhaps you should check out the video and and www.Flhip.com. 

If you would like more information and/or to check out the live leads in your area drop them an email, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


To view the video CLICK HERE!


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