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Chipolte patrons upset with cost increase! Print
Tuesday, 17 June 2014 12:18

Restaurant-hospitality.com - Because Chipotle Mexican Grill is a public company whose stock is red hot and whose customer base is vast, its recent move to raise prices got a lot of attention. Wall Streeters loved the idea of what turned out to be roughly a six percent boost. Many customers didn’t, and they went on social media to register their displeasure. If you’re thinking about raising prices to keep your restaurant’s food costs in line, get ready for strong reactions from your texting, tweeting and online-review-writing customers.

Of course, patrons have never liked paying more for any restaurant meal. But now they have a platform on which to publicly vent their spleen about higher prices and to publicly commiserate with other customers who don’t like them, either. Restaurant operators now have to carefully calibrate any price hikes. Otherwise, perception of the restaurant’s value proposition can turn negative in a hurry. Continue

Top 100 Movers & Shakers from Fast Casual! Print
Thursday, 12 June 2014 09:39

Fast Casual - The editorial team of FastCasual.com has announced its annual list of the vibrant restaurant segment's most significant brands, people and trends. 

The downloadable "The 2013 Fast Casual Top 100 Movers & Shakers" was released Monday morning morning after an awards gala the night before in Chicago, timed to coincide with the National Restaurant Association tradeshow. Both "The Top 100" and the event were sponsored by restaurant equipment manufacturer Henny Penny.

Fazoli's CEO Carl T. Howard and his wife pose with the 2013 Brand of the Year award. 

Judges determined the top 50 brands based on industry nominations and subsequent debate on the significance of the nominees to the segment. Criteria included innovation, growth, social responsibility and overall contribution. In addition, the judges acknowledged the 20 industry executives who have most contributed to the evolution and health of fast casual, the most influential menu innovations, and the most significant food and technology trends. Continue

Outlook for Restaurant Job Growth at a 2-Year High Print
Thursday, 12 June 2014 09:29

PR Newswire -  "The restaurant industry continued to register robust job growth in May, while the overall economy finally surpassed its pre-recession employment peak.  Looking forward, restaurant operators' outlook for staffing growth rose to its highest level in two years.

"The economy continued to move in a positive direction in May, according to the latest employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The overall economy added a net 217,000 jobs in May on a seasonally-adjusted basis, which marked the fourth consecutive month with gains above the 200,000 level. 

"In addition, the overall economy has now surpassed its pre-recession employment peak, with growth exceeding the 8.7 million jobs lost during the Great Recession.  The private sector surpassed its pre-recession peak in March, with the downward trend in public sector jobs representing the difference. 

"Restaurant employment gains remained robust in May, with the industry adding a net 31,700 jobs on a seasonally-adjusted basis.  This marked the 51st consecutive monthly gain for a total of more than 1.3 million jobs. Continue

Domino's crowns world's fastest pizza maker! Print
Thursday, 12 June 2014 09:18

PRNewswire / — More than 5,000 Domino’s Pizza spectators cheered as Pali Grewal triumphed as the 2014 World’s Fastest Pizza Maker. Grewal, a Domino’s Pizza franchise owner from the United Kingdom made three large pizzas in an impressive 32.28 seconds. That’s making three pizzas in less than 11 seconds each! Grewal won $3,000 in prize money, a trophy and the coveted title of World’s Fastest Pizza Maker presented by Domino’s President and CEO, Patrick Doyle.

“I am elated that I have won the World’s Fastest Pizza Maker Competition,” said Grewal. “The competition gets stronger and stronger every year that we compete and I train hard to come out on top. I had no intention of letting the title go.” Continue


David Beckham to open restaurant chain???? Print
Tuesday, 10 June 2014 17:09

Sportsdntv.com - Miami:  Former England football captain David Beckham could soon be launching his own restaurant chain.

The 39-year old is likely to call it - Beckham's Bistro.

“It's got a good ring to it. It will be about dining. I'm a foodie and dining is a big part of this,” dailystar.co.uk quoted Beckham as saying. 

The US restaurant venture comes on the back of his tie-up with the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, in which he has agreed to promote their property in Asia.

The deal could pitch him in the kitchen against his pal chef Gordon Ramsay.

Father of four - the former Manchester United hero and his wife Victoria, 40, were recently valued in the Sunday Times Rich List as being worth 210 million pounds.

Beckham, who quit football last year after a medal-laden 21-year career having played for United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain, is also in the process of setting up his own Major League Soccer club in Miami, Florida.

Minimum wage increased to $15... restaurants sue! Print
Wednesday, 04 June 2014 10:45

Fastcasual.com - Seattle’s City Council unanimously approved a minimum wage increase Monday, to $15 an hour. Mayor Ed Murray is expected to sign its passage today, which would give Seattle the highest minimum wage in the U.S. The pay scale will be implemented throughout several years, with specific timeframes to be determined based on business size. According to CNN, the first increase will come April 1, 2015, bringing the wage to $10 for some and $11 for others. Washington already has the highest minimum wage in the U.S., at $9.32. The federal wage is $7.25. President Obama has called for a minimum wage of $10.10. As expected, restaurant industry workers called Monday’s news a “major victory” in their nearly-two-year quest to get the federal limit up to $15 through growing strikes and protests. "Fast-food workers have been paving the way for a better future for workers across Seattle — and are sending a strong message to cities across the country," Seattle Domino’s employee Crystal Thompson said in a news release. "When I see $15, I'll be able to afford my own place in a safe neighborhood where my kids can ride their bikes, and I'll finally be able to go back to school." Labor union group SEIU also applauded Seattle’s move, calling it “historic” and predicting its positive effect on more than 100,000 workers. David Rolf, president of SEIU 775, vice president of SEIU, and co-chair of Mayor Ed Murray’s Income Inequality Advisory Committee, issued a statement that read in part: Continue

Basta Pasta to pay $200,000 to settle EEOC Sexual Harassment and retaliation suit! Print
Tuesday, 03 June 2014 11:11

Natlawreview.com -  SPOA, LLC and Marathos, LLC, which run the Italian restaurants Basta Pasta in Fallston and Lutherville-Timonium, Md., will pay $200,000 and furnish significant equitable relief to settle a sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the agency announced today.

The EEOC charged that Basta Pasta's owner repeatedly subjected female employees, including at least one in her teens, to rampant sexual harassment, including rubbing his genitalia against the buttocks of some of them, engaging in other unwelcome touching, and frequently making sexually suggestive remarks and crude sexual innuendos.  The owner gave alcohol to one female employee, identified by the pseudonym "Mary Smith" in the lawsuit, causing her to pass out and later wake up vomiting.   Smith believed the owner drugged her in an attempt to sexually assault her, according to the lawsuit.  The EEOC further charged that the owner invited another female employee, identified by the pseudonym Jane Doe, to his house, ostensibly to talk about a management opportunity, but Doe believed the owner instead drugged and sexually assaulted her. Continue

Restaurants Shutting out Open Carry diners in Texas. Print
Wednesday, 28 May 2014 11:00

Opposingviews.com - The pro-gun group Open Carry Texas - San Antonio recently visited some local Chili's and Sonic restaurants while wearing their guns.

However, both restaurants turned them down because of their firearms. Open Carry Texas - San Antonio posted videos (below) of the incidents on YouTube on May 19, but later took them down. However, Mother Jones was able to make copies.

At Chili's, a manager tells the group that he has to check the company policy on gun-carrying.

While the gun activists wait, a young woman approaches the group, apparently filming them with her cell phone, and says, "Umm actually, there's children here and you're a dumb ass," notes Mediaite.com. Continue


Sushi Restaurant Calls out lying Yelp Reviewer! Print
Wednesday, 28 May 2014 10:57

Guyism.com-  I tend to trust people, but there are immediate red flags in the above review. First of all, no self-respecting person orders a spicy tuna roll. Second, claiming that there was a cockroach in her actual sushi roll is the equivalent of throwing a Molotov cocktail through the pants store window. Somewhere in a restaurant? Sure, that’s not a stretch. But is she honestly suggesting that a bug crawled across the chef’s finger tips as he was rolling the sushi? I’m not sure there’s a dish less likely to contain a bug.

The restaurant wasn’t going to take this claim in stride either. Continue

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 May 2014 11:03
Man gets 60 years in Prison for restaurant holdup! Print
Tuesday, 27 May 2014 12:12

Opposingviews.com - Charles Bernard Anderson, 39, will live the rest of his life behind bars after an armed robbery of a Georgia chain restaurant.

Anderson pointed a gun at a Waffle House cashier in Mableton, Georgia on October 28, 2012, and demanded cash. An accomplice watched the door and another waited in the car, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The trio of thieves was foiled, however—for good. Anderson is being held in Cobb County Jail awaiting life in prison without parole. He was offered a plea, but refused it.

This is Anderson’s fourth felony conviction. He has previously been found guilty of armed robbery, burglary, and firearm and drug charges.

- See more at: http://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/crime/armed-robber-gets-life-prison-ga-waffle-house-holdup#sthash.SOjYgggw.dpuf

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